How Can You Get Rid of a Dangerous Tree?

How Can You Get Rid of a Dangerous Tree?

Call a trusted tree removal service in Danbury, Connecticut

If there’s a tree that’s posing a threat to your property, call Supreme Green Landscaping, LLC to have it removed. We remove trees from residential and commercial properties in Danbury, CT and Fairfield County. You can also count on us for bush trimming and hedge trimming. Call us today to learn more.

4 ways to tell when you need to have a tree removed

Trees are idyllic and serene - until they become dangerous. Don't let a dead or damaged tree threaten the integrity of your property or the safety of your family. You need to have the tree removed if it:

  1. Has already fallen
  2. Is growing through power lines
  3. Is leaning over your roof
  4. Is dead or diseased
A damaged tree won't contribute to your curb appeal. It's also not going to go away on its own. Supreme Green Landscaping can safely cut down your tree and haul it away. Call us today for the service you need.